Currently her 1899 Morgan silver- dollar worth is $23.11. Yet this is just a minimum worth representing just how much a circulated-worn dissension is worth.

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Of particular interest come collectors are 1899 silver dollars minted at the main mint in Philadelphia. Through a mintage total only a portion of most other dates, Philadelphia dollars room worth a premium in any type of condition. Recognize the mint the struck her coin by analyzing the turning back for "mintmarks." over there is a close up image of the mintmark location simply under the value chart.

Next, the problem of your coin demands close inspection. If the is fine preserved, with original detail remaining, the is more than a typical silver dollar. This nice condition pieces are tops on collector want lists. An instance of a prized 1899 silver dollar in "uncirculated" condition, with no wear to its surface, is pictured come the right.

Find the greatest value in her coin through defining: Date-Mintmark-Condition. Just after the worth chart space sections covering mintmarks and their locations, also images and also detailed descriptions help to judge condition. Utilizing both come at precise 1899 Morgan silver dollar value.


Realize old coins are collected not just by date but by mint of concern as well. Mintmarks are a little but important detail deciding 1899 Morgan silver dollar value. Learning your coin was struck in ~ the Philadelphia mint, figured out by the absence of mintmark on the reverse rises the potential value- note: Philadelphia go not usage a mintmark in 1899. Research the reverse just below the ribbon, one "S" indicates the san Francisco mint, an "O" confirms the new Orleans mint struck her coin.

Condition Rarity and 1899 Morgan silver Dollar Value

Many 1899-S Morgan dollars are accessible to collectors today. The above value chart lists every circulated (worn) examples minted in ~ the mountain Francisco mint trade very close to their underling silver- value. But the situation changes and values start to really take off if her coin is just one of the couple of survivors in Mint State condition.

Outstanding uncirculated problem sets the coin pictured much apart indigenous the common 1899-S silver dollar. The note: within the mint state grade there are arrays of value dependent upon aesthetic attributes of preservation. Contributing to collector very nice in the uncirculated class is boldness of strike, lack of blemishes to the surface and also brightness that luster.

This silver- dollar meets all the attributes to elevate it to "condition rarity" status. Not just is that unquestionably totally free of wear but additionally the top quality of that is strike produced a needle spicy design, always a high value feature. Feather closely, call marks and also nicks which generally abound ~ above most huge coins room all however absent. And also finally, confirming a peak position in worth is the radiant glowing blue-white mint luster.

The result, bidding at a David Lawrence rare coin auction continued until $2850 was reached. Confirming 1899 silver- dollars in rare condition are avidly sought.


Judge problem to Accurately worth Your 1899 disagreement

Judging the problem of her coin is just one of the subtle yet important parts of place a value. Collectors are constantly searching for silver dollars in optimal condition, castle study carefully the lot of stay on any kind of given coin. In their evaluation a "grade" the its problem is assigned help determine precise value. Uncover the the next condition-grade match to your 1899 dollar utilizing the images. Highlighted just below this ar on grading silver- dollars is the impressive auction an outcome of a "condition rarity" 1899 silver dollar.

Uncirculated: Is her 1899 Morgan silver dollar worth at a premium because of "uncirculated" condition? one uncirculated coin is without any wear to its surfaces. Initial silver mint luster still covers all style details. Holding your coin by the edges, and also by tilting and slowing rotating, unbroken bands the luster radiate from edge to edge. Any type of wear disrupts this bands dulling the surface, most obvious on Liberty"s cheek.


Extremely Fine: Wear has actually started to diminish little details the the hair just behind Liberty"s ear and also forehead. Further behind the ear the folds of the cap space now simply slightly flattened. Top top the revere, small amounts the wear space visible top top the tops of the wings, and obvious on the neck and breast feathers. Light all at once wear specifies an old silver- dollar in exceptionally fine condition.

Fine: Wear has reduced original design detail to the suggest of merging. Every fine present in the hair over the forehead have disappeared, changed by large flat areas. Once rounded, the prior of the neck and also cheek listed below the eye are currently noticeably flattened by wear and also abrasions. In spite of moderate also wear, lettering and rim are well identified giving your coin a respectable appearance.

Good: Your 1899 silver- dollar in "good" condition is well worn with most of the metal creating the high reliefs of architecture removed. Liberty"s cheek and also forehead have blended into one connecting with her hair and cap. The rim is practically gone, but the stars and lettering remain separate of the rim. Giving your coin character, some detail remains, large curls that hair behind the neck and also a full "Liberty" in she coronet.





























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