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Superior Lighting

LED MR16 Dimmable light Bulb, 3000K Soft White - 7 Watt (50W Replacement) flood - 12 Volt (500 Lumens)
DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQLED 6 Watt Dimmable (35W Replacement) MR16 light Bulb, 3000K, 25 degree Beam - 12 VoltThis is terrific energy star rated...

Superior Lighting

LED increase Light, 3000K Soft White - can be provided for all LED out Flood irradiate Requirements, 15 Watt - 1500 Lumens, With adjustable U-Bracket Yoke mountain
DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQLED Outdoor overwhelming Lights For any kind of ApplicationAvailable in 4 Mounting choices Let there be light no issue what the weather...

Superior Lighting

LED PAR30 Dimmable flood Bulb, 9 Watt (75W Replacement) Soft White 3000K, 750 Lumens, 120 Volt
DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQ LED 11 Watt Dimmable (75W Replacement) PAR30 light Bulb, 3000K, 36 level Beam - 120 Volt - White Body great indoor...
DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQ13 Watt Par30 long neck indoor/outdoor LED lamps replace instead replace 75 Watt Par 30Medium base - 120 VoltsFeaturesReplaces up...

Superior Lighting

LED MR16 Dimmable light Bulb, 2700K Soft White - 7 Watt (50W Replacement) flood - 12 Volt (500 Lumens)
DescriptionShipping & ReturnsSpecifications & FAQLED 6 Watt Dimmable (35W Replacement) MR16 light Bulb, 3000K, 25 degree Beam - 12 VoltThis is terrific energy star rated...
LED 23 Watt NON-Dimmable (150W Replacement) PAR38 Flood irradiate Bulb, 2700K - heat White, 25 level Beam - 120 Volt (1550 Lumens) This is our biggest and brightest flood bulb yet! A super, high calculation bulb to change 150 watt halogen floods - this LED bulb gives you light as soon as you require it. Us tested the bulbs here at exceptional lighting and also found the light calculation to it is in brighter than all various other PAR38 LED floods us stock. It emits a nice large beam that that can be viewed on a wall even 40 feet far making this pear especially an excellent for high ceilings or tall security floods. The bulb is a little bit heavier contrasted to other large bulbs that is size and features heat dissipating fins and vents to boost its life. Uses only 23 watts and also puts the end 1550 lumens that can replace up to a 150 watt overwhelming bulb. The shines exceptionally bright for this reason these bulb are an excellent for outdoor protection lights, activity sensor lights, large landscape flood lighting however not fully enclosed fixtures. It is no dimmable and also can be used inside our external (not when straight exposed come the elements). Rated because that 50,000 hours. UL Listed. The price is good because this is a closeout item while provides last.
Our LED purchase and try program offers our customers a 100% hazard free, means to test any kind of LED prior to making a larger purchase.

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Are you reasoning of convert to LEDs however not sure if the LED will job-related for you? No problem! purchase a few pieces the what you need to test and also then send back what girlfriend don't like or purchase more if you do like. You have the right to return any type of LED pear or fixture in ~ 14 job of receiving it because that a complete refund, including the original $8 shipping charge.
You will only incur the expense of return the items to us. Our buy and shot program is restricted to LED assignment under $200 so if friend are associated in a larger project please contact us in ~ 1-800-432-7995 or email united state sales"at" before placing her order. We will certainly gladly discover a means to help you test part items before purchasing large quantities. All items returned, need to be changed in original manufacturer packaging, and also in the same condition that they were received.
We stand behind the commodities we sell. If for any reason you are not satisfied v a purchase you might return a product in ~ 14 days of receiving it. Please inspect all assets upon receipt. If an item arrives broken we will certainly make species to either refund or change the item for you. Warranty insurance claims can it is in filed within the declared warranty period of the item. Please call customer business at 1-800-432-7995 or email assist "at" to receive a return or warranty insurance claim authorization.
Custom orders, color Kinetics items, huge contract work (over $1500) and parts cannot be returned. You re welcome click right here for our complete return policy.
Orders external the 48 contiguous joined States extr shipping and handling dues will use to assignment shipped outside the 48 contiguous United says (including Alaska, Hawaii and other U.S. Territories). Please contact Us if you are placing an order external the continent US and we will certainly advise friend of the shipping fees to that destination.
Model NumberLED23E26P3827KFLND
Wattage23 Watt
Voltage120 Volt
BaseMedium Screw (E26)
Color Temperature2700K, heat White, 85 CRI
Beam Degree25
Expected Life Hours50,000 Hours and 5 years Warranty.
Lumens1550 (2716 CBCP)
Dimensions5.2 In. Size x 4.9 In. Width
Energy Star RatedNo
Case QTY12
UL ListedYes

top quality Lights at a great Price
we take pride in giving brand name quality assets at the best feasible price. must you need a return please call us for hassle-free return and full refund.
quality Lights at a great Price

We take it pride in providing brand surname quality assets at the best possible price. Have to you require a return please contact us for hassle-free return and also full refund.

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